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Getting Back on the Wagon January 4, 2010

Posted by musicmom67 in Uncategorized.

Fresh into the new year, new start of the week and I am back on the wagon.  What wagon?  The diet and exercise wagon that keeps throwing me off violently but I have this delusion of becoming fit, healthy and fitting into clothing I care to wear.  I have to admit I strayed pretty far from getting back on this time, but endless drama and stress will tend to do that to a person and I am not one to gravitate to healthy habits when at my wits end.  I know what to do to acheive my goals, I just have to implement those methods for more than a week.  Cooking is one of my strongest passions and it does not bode well with dieting.  I know, I know I can cook healthy foods but where I live, good produce is not abundant and it is just more fun to cook the bad stuff.  I logged an hour of exercise today.  I have no equipment other than a exercise ball and a set of dumbells but I put my iPod on and jumped around a lot until I sweated and lifted some weights.  I probably only burned off half of my Weight Watcher’s frozen dinner and that is if I am lucky!  Day one is under my belt.  Now I just have to make it to bedtime without finding anything to snack on.  Water anyone?



1. Alto2 - January 5, 2010

Hot, caffeine-free tea with some sweetener will serve you better. The hot drink helps satisfy the satiety center in the brain. And no, cooking is not mutually exclusive of dieting. Most of what I cook is healthy and not diet food. Take a look at theneedtofeed.wordpress.com for some ideas.

musicmom67 - January 5, 2010

Thanks for the ideas and I appreciate the link. Now I just have to figure out how to link the Aug mom blogs to mine.

2. starstruk - January 5, 2010

Hi! I follow Alto2’s blog and she sent me here to check out your blog.

musicmom67 - January 5, 2010

I’m just getting my feet wet here. Thanks for checking me out.

3. Simone - January 5, 2010

Good luck with getting back on track. We share the same goal! Last year I blew everything. Gained a ton. This year I aim to get my head into gear and get back to where I should be. I’m still fluffing around in holiday mode, but will try and get back into exercise. Today! Nice to see you in the blogging world 🙂

4. Sock Girl - January 5, 2010

Welcome to the blog world! I look forward to reading your updates!

5. Marcia - January 5, 2010

Welcome 🙂


6. Christina - January 5, 2010

How heavy are the dumb bells? I can give you some specific ideas on how to use them. My group training sessions have provided me with some awesome moves to use at home when I can’t make it to a work out. I quite frankly kicked my own ass last week with some of them!!

musicmom67 - January 5, 2010

I am using 5’s for now doing curls, chest presses, flies, lunges and some tricep stuff. I have some elastic bands too. What is your weight routine?

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